A Guide to Finding the Perfect Antigua Holiday Accommodation

A holiday trip to Antigua is a dream come true for many travellers. But before you frolic on the sandy beaches and swim in crystal-blue waters, you must book the best holiday accommodation Antigua can offer.

Your chosen accommodation can make or break your vacation. As much as possible, you would want to stay in a place that serves your every need. 

From a holiday apartment in Antigua to luxury villas, so many options are available in Antigua. But how do you determine which to book? Please read our guide below to find out.


One major factor you should consider when booking accommodation is its location. Ask yourself the following points so you can better understand the ideal place:

  • How close is it to the airport?
  • Are there any nearby restaurants and shops around?
  • Is it in the city centre?
  • How about transportation?
  • Are the main attractions and tourist destinations easy to reach?

The key here is to select accommodations that provide travel convenience and the best accessibility to all destinations. Unless you want to take the cab or bus wherever you go frequently, always go for lodgings where attractions are walkable.


Your budget plays the biggest role in influencing your accommodation choice. Try calculating how much you can and are willing to spend during your adventures. These may include restaurants, attraction fees, souvenirs, and more.

How much of that budget will you spend on comfortable and convenient lodging? Hotels and room rentals are sufficient if you have a minimal budget. But a villa or a luxury resort are great options if you have more than enough money.


Knowing whether you’re travelling alone or with several companions is also essential in choosing the ideal accommodation. 

You may be more comfortable with a luxury hotel room as a lone tourist. If you are going with friends or family, apartments or villas provide more than enough space to house multiple people.

Always remember to keep your budget in mind when determining accommodation size. Additionally, consider every guest’s comfort, especially when bringing children along.

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