Building Inspection Engineers: The First Line of Defense

Knowing a structure’s present condition is an important factor in the decision-making of commercial building operators, business owners, and investors in New Jersey. A commercial building is a major investment, and stakeholders want to ensure it will be worth spending.

Unidentified or late-identified defects can lead to unnecessary repair and replacement expenditures. They can also become safety hazards and even cost the owners a hefty price for violating building codes and standards.

To determine the property’s potential risks, stakeholders must hire a qualified commercial building engineer to conduct a thorough inspection.

A professional building inspection engineer in NJ possesses advanced skills and knowledge that conform to the industry’s latest standards. They know what to look for in commercial buildings and can spot cosmetic improvements concealing defects that undertrained individuals might miss. They can also verify if the commercial property has the relevant systems and processes to comply with industry regulations.

A commercial building inspection encompasses examining the structural frame’s components and the building envelope. Its scope can vary on different factors like the property’s age, occupancy, location, and the type of construction materials used. The inspection also involves checking for fire hazards, HVAC systems problems, and electrical and mechanical system defects.

After performing the property condition assessment in NJ, the engineer will write an extensive report about the property and the building components’ status. They will also detail the estimated project costs. Since certified building inspection engineers uphold a code of ethics, their should be unbiased and conducted with the highest integrity.

Because of their significant contribution to determining a commercial property’s safety and integrity, building inspection engineers are regarded as the first line of defense against commercial real estate risks.

To know more about the relevance of commercial building engineers and their work scope, Lockatong Engineering provides the following infographic.

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