Stylish Ways to Transform a Shower [Infographic]

As many homeowners worldwide had to stay at home due to the potential threat made by the pandemic, home renovations skyrocketed. The simultaneous lockdowns made homeowners focus on home improvements for health and hygiene purposes, and one of the main focuses was the bathroom.

In keeping bathrooms up-to-date, do not settle for second best materials. Always go for renovation materials worth the price because what you want is not a temporary fix, but one that will last for many years. So, here are some suggestions that can give your shower and bath a new life.

Repainting the Walls

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to shower renovation is by giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. Asking friends and consulting home magazines, home construction websites, and home renovators are the best options in this project. They are the best references.

Using Glass Walls

The use of glass panels or walls as bathroom dividers between the toilet and the shower is becoming a trend. Homeowners who jump into this kind of bathroom renovation see great potential in making bath and shower more aesthetic, elegant, and space-saving. Plus, it makes bath cleaning easier than using traditional bath curtains.

Adding Window Panels

For a fresher atmosphere in the bathroom, adding window panels do a great deal. It lets natural air and light into the room that makes bathroom minutes more relaxing.


There is more to learn by looking at this infographic about shower styling