Synthetic Grass Vs Natural Grass

Artificial grass or turf is made from synthetic fibers to look like natural grass. Arenas use synthetic grass for sports that players play on grass. Today, people buy artificial grass to install on their lawns, either residential or commercial.

Maintaining a yard with a natural grass lawn and maintaining a yard with an artificial grass lawn have many differences. Differences may be about the look, feel cost, safety, and maintenance. If you plan to have a grass lawn, you may have to read this article about the difference between synthetic grass and natural grass.

Care Maintenance

Grass lawns require maintenance. It depends on what type of grass do you prefer to have. For natural grass, it is labor-intensive because you need to keep your lawn alive and well. Natural grass lawns will need mowing for a consistent height of the grass, fertilizing for richly green grass, and watering to prevent withered grass. Also, the use of pesticides is necessary to keep the grass away from pests.

On the other hand, synthetic grass does not need intensive maintenance to keep the grass alive. There is no need to water, trim, or remove the weeds – the only thing you will do for artificial grass is by fluffing a few blades if the synthetic fibers fall flat, brushing or debris, or rinsing off pet waste and stinky odor.

Water Usage

Water usage is also one of the factors for you to decide if you will have a natural grass lawn or install fake grass instead. Natural grass consumes more water, especially during summer, causing a high amount of water bill. Compared to a synthetic grass lawn, there is no need to worry about the water bill. It only water when hosing off pet wastes to remove stinky odor. Fake grass can survive without water, thus, preventing an expensive amount of water bills.

It is time for you to make the right decision for your yard. Whether you choose natural or artificial grass, the decision will always be up to you. This article will serve as your preference to select the best grass lawn.

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