There are many winter tyre options for SUVs

If you need winter tyres for your SUV, don’t worry there are many options available, even if you have an electric or hybrid SUV. Since all vehicles that are trafficking the streets during the winter season when you have winter conditions should have winter approved tyres, there needs to be alternatives for all different vehicles regardless of size or weight. You just need to select the ones that fit your vehicle and are optimized for your driving and the weather conditions.

Since an SUV will be heavier and taller than a passenger car, you will need special SUV tyres, so for winter you will then need SUV winter tyres that will be larger than the winter tyres for a passenger car, they will be wider to spread out the weight over a larger area and they will ensure that your vehicle will be stable despite the higher vehicle. If your SUV is an electric one or a hybrid you will need to ensure that you purchase tyres that are recommended for this use. These tyres have to be able to take the higher wear caused by the higher torque. They also have to have low rolling resistance which also benefits the low wear and allows for longer distances to be reached on every charge.

You can always look at the dimension of your current tyres and check what tyres are available in that dimension. If you have 215/70R16 dimension tyres, information that you took of the sidewall of your current tyres or found in the instruction manual of your car, you can then search for 215/70R16 winter tyres or e.g., 215/70R16 studded tyres if you already have decided upon studded tyres instead of non-studded ones. Once you perform a solid internet search and go through the information you should already have an idea of different tyres that are available in your dimension and have good winter properties.

The studded tyres are not allowed in every country, so you will need to ensure that your selection is according to where you live and where you plan to drive. You can’t visit or drive through Germany with studded tyres, so if this is in your plan then you might have to reconsider and choose a set of  SUV non-studded tyres instead. Today’s non-studded tyres are almost as good as the studded tyres duo to a lot of new innovations that have been introduced into the tread the last 10 years. You nowadays have almost the same grip on ice as you had with studded tyres.

With all the options of SUV tyres that are available it shouldn’t be difficult to find some, the problem will more be to find the right ones that are best for your vehicle and can add both performance, stability and safety as you drive during the winter. By selecting premium winter tyres you have already taken a big step in the right direction of good tyre selection.

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