Things to Know Before Tinting Home Windows

window tinting

Window tinting in Norwalk can be an affordable and convenient way of boosting a home’s value, safety, and energy efficiency. Also, having your residential windows tinted means it does not need to be replaced.

Many glass windows can be installed with a window film and it involves a series of processes from choosing the kind of film to the method of application. Below are some of the things to consider before tinting your home windows:

Different Types of Window Films

The three types of window films are Solar, Security, and Decorative. Solar films are primarily used for energy efficiency and can reflect up to 99% of UV rays. Hence, reducing the sun’s glare and exposure to harmful UV rays. Security films are the thickest film type and do not reflect and absorb much heat. This film can also help prevent the complete shattering of the window in case of storms or home intrusion.

The decorative films are the opposite of security films as they are the thinnest window films. It can absorb and reflect less heat but its primary purpose is to add beauty and privacy to a room. Such window films are also available in auto window tinting in Camarillo.

Professional Installation is Vital

Many have attempted do-it-yourself or DIY window tinting. While handling the project alone might be cheaper, opting to handle it without professional help can do more harm than good. Also, various states have different window tinting laws and if you are not aware of them, you might be subjecting yourself to various legal consequences.

Warranty Considerations

Before applying tints to windows, it is best to check the warranty. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if window films are applied. It is because there are certain types of window films that can cause the window itself to expand as it heats up, increasing the risk of breakage and needing to be replaced.

Check Durability

Window tints can last from a few years to even decades, depending on the installation and window film quality. The best window films can last up to 10 years but it is important to note that it does not stay in their prime condition as they may fade or peel over time.

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