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Tips for Choosing Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Kitchen cabinet door styles are essential when renovating a kitchen. The cabinets must complement the overall kitchen design as well as provide the functionality so that cooking and preparing food is quick, easy and hassle free. Today there are several varieties of doors to choose from. Here are some tips for choosing different kitchen cabinet door styles.

Glass cabinet doors are the most preferred among the others. They provide maximum light control and make a room appear spacious. Glass cabinet doors with a matte finish offer a sleek and modern look. Matte finish gives a sleek and modern look to the doors. Sliding doors with a smooth finish also look very nice.

Glossy Moulded Metal Cabinet Doors – These are perfect for small kitchens. They provide a more spacious feel to the room and can be mounted on any contemporary kitchen. If you are looking for an antique cabinet door then you should choose one made from metal or steel. They are very easy to clean and maintain. There are several varieties of moulded cabinet doors such as hand painted, embossed, brass and nickel. They are available in various color combinations.

Panelized Kitchen Cabinet Door – They are a great option for increasing storage space in the kitchen. They are also ideal for smaller kitchens. The best thing about panelized kitchen cabinet doors is that you can remove one panel and add another very easily. This solves the problem of extra space and provides lots of storage space. They are very easy to clean and maintain and provide a sleek and stylish look to the room.

Solid Inset Cabinet – One of the best-selling styles is the solid inset cabinet. They can have a raised lip around the edge, which allows for the drawer rails to sit flush with the face of the cabinet. This style has been on the market for decades and is extremely popular due to its ability to work well with most cabinets.

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Tips for Choosing Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles (Infographic)