Top 10 Candies From the 1990’s

One of the best foods that everyone had in their childhood is candies. Candies are one of the best guilty pleasures to have even as an adult. Some argue that today’s candy was nothing compared to the candies made in the past decades. If you are millennial aging from 25-30, you probably tasted sweets from the 90s.

The 90s was a great decade, and who would have thought that that decade was already 30 years ago. Everything from the 90s seems like a throwback, and some of the candy that people ate back at the time.

Most candies that were phased out in the 90s were the last of their kind. It is sad to know that you would not be able to taste these candies again. However, it should be an excellent reminder of the days where you were free from all the hardships and responsibilities of life.

Perhaps, you have a list of what the best 1990s candy is. There are many lists about nostalgic sweets online, but if you want to know our take, you can check this Candy District infographic to see our take on the best candies of the 90s.

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