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Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

According to a study made by Pew Research Center, living arrangement for older people in the United States differs heavily from those in many other countries, with older Americans preferring to age in their homes than moving in with relatives or transfer to a senior care facility.


However, aging in place may become a challenge for older adults in the long run, mainly if they have physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, or diagnosed with degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, which is among the most widespread health burdens in the elderly.


Therefore, even when seniors have disabilities or health problems, families, including those in Connecticut, still support their decision to age in their own homes and hire a home health care agency that offers a CT home care program for elders.


Home care services may include assisted living, personal care, light housekeeping, and companionship. Moreover, several agencies have caregivers CT that may provide skilled nursing and physical therapy for patients with medical needs.


Hiring a caregiver can help maintain seniors’ safety and health while aging in place. But, family members should also do their part by being informed about prevention and techniques to control diabetes and other degenerative diseases that most older adults develop.            


This infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare provides further information about diabetes to help families understand how the disease can affect aging adults.

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