What is CIAM?

The ability to satisfy consumer demands is vital for businesses. Consequently, they invest in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions to help with this endeavor.

CIAM is a function that helps organizations meet their client’s expectations for seamless user experiences. It also allows enterprises to ensure security in their operations. With an efficient CIAM system, organizations can securely capture and manage their customers’ identity and profile data. They can also control users’ access when using various business applications and services. Running at the core of CIAM is customer identity because it deals with secure user identity verification as well as collecting, storing, and managing customers’ digital identities.

As more businesses move to the digital realm, it only makes sense why many invest in CIAM solutions to supplement their operations. Companies need a competitive edge to foster loyal customers while attracting new ones. If users do not have a pleasant experience on the business’s online platform, they will find another that can deliver the services they want.

Modern consumers often demand convenience from the point of registration to logging in and when accessing different features of the online platform. They also expect adequate security to protect their valuable information and assets.

If businesses want to meet these needs, they should leverage biometric multifactor authentication solutions that enable frictionless identity authentication when accessing online services. Biometric technology, coupled with other authentication credentials, provides a stronger barrier against fraudulent attempts. This multifactor authentication option is not easily susceptible to circumvention tactics, unlike other methods such as passwords.

There are many providers of biometric multifactor authentication technologies that can be easily integrated into CIAM systems. Apart from meeting consumers’ demands for a seamless user experience and security, these solutions also offer scalability, allowing the enterprises to support service and product distribution across several customer touchpoints.

Learn more about the matter with this infographic from authID that details what CIAM is, its features, and its advantages.