Document Management Software

Construction documents assist with project organization and guide the entire construction process. Having access to these documents through document management software allows quick decision-making and swift action to complete projects on time and within scope. 

On any given construction project, you may encounter various construction documents. For example, a construction agreement is a document that details the scope of a construction project’s labour, the general conditions, contract details, and the contractor’s obligations. It also describes the legal framework of the contract and includes information on how to resolve issues or disputes during the construction process. 

Another construction document is the special conditions document, which details any aspects of the project that require specific instructions that do not pertain to the remainder of the project. This type of document extends the general terms and conditions document. 

In addition, documents describing the project scope may include information such as who will complete specific project parts or what materials will be used. This document also outlines everything required to complete the project. 

A bill of quantities is also required to keep track of all instruments and materials. This is an enumerated inventory of the building’s materials, tools, labour, and components. Each of these product prices is also included, and having construction accounting software could make this task easy. 

A bill of quantities assists contractors in estimating the construction costs of a project, allowing them to submit accurate proposals. Customers can also benefit from this document because it provides a detailed breakdown of how their money was spent. 

Construction Document Management

In order to enhance workflows, a digital document management system enables quicker information sharing in the construction industry. Whether administrative documents, reports, plans, or other documents, stakeholders in the field or office have instant access to the information.

A construction manager or project manager may use construction document management to organize and archive contracts, blueprints, permits, and other documents required for day-to-day operations. 

Moreover, construction document management permits contractors to give consumers visibility into the project’s status. The administration of construction documents facilitates informing clients of a project’s progress. Additionally, document management facilitates the annotation of construction documents. It ensures that only one viewable version of a document contains mark-ups.

Knowing how document management software works could expedite construction projects swiftly.

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