Horse Betting Tips: How to Read a Racecard

Today, horse racing is among the many prominent sporting events in online sports betting Malaysia. Its history dates back to the earliest times when it was used as a mode of transportation and amusement.

Numerous horse racing events are visible to the public in casino online games Malaysia. All of which provide their followers with various forms of entertainment and thrill. Throughout the year, many horse races are held around the globe, and because of the rise of sports betting, horse betting also become popular. The internet makes it possible to wager on horse racing events around the globe from the convenience of one’s home.

Bettors must have all available information before making a wagering decision. A horse racing enthusiast should utilize online and offline sources to gather information on the horse’s breed, the jockey’s level of experience and training, and the horse’s intelligence.

This information is easily accessible because it is included in the race day program for each horse and jockey. While many gamblers find excitement in viewing live horse racing, the quantity of information makes it simple to make winning wagers. In addition, the ability to wager on multiple horses in a single race and to combine separate wagers increases the possibility of obtaining an advantage.

There are various horse betting tips, especially regarding reading a racecard; below are some of these:

Jockey Colour

Typically, the colours signify a specific owner. This can help bookmakers identify the stable from which the horses came, which is essential for making an informed decision based on the stable’s reputation, track record, and success rate.


The number on the horse’s harness is located to the right of the jockey’s colours. The number 1 carries the most weight for handicap races.


The horse’s name is the most prominent portion of the racecard. It is usually written in all capital letters and has a larger font size than the rest of the information on the card. Knowing other horse betting tips on how to read a racecard could help in maximizing winnings.

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